Oralsex – Die privateste und persönlichste Begegnung, die möglich ist

Anscheinend sind sich viele Eltern nicht einig, dass Kindern eine effektive Sexualerziehung beigebracht werden sollte. Dies ist äußerst traurig, wenn man bedenkt, dass jedes Jahr etwa 800.000 Kinder in den USA aufgrund einer ungeplanten Schwangerschaft ihr schönes Leben ruinieren können. Ungefähr 92% der geschätzten 1,3 Millionen Abtreibungen in den USA pro Jahr sind das Ergebnis einer ungewollten Schwangerschaft.

Oralsex ist echter Sex und bietet vollständige sexuelle Befriedigung. Es bewahrt die männliche oder weibliche Jungfräulichkeit, weil es kein Geschlechtsverkehr ist. Wie Analsex und gegenseitige Masturbation kann nicht-penetrativer Oralsex das Hymen intakt lassen.


Es besteht ein potenzielles Schwangerschaftsrisiko, wenn beide Partner keine Vorsicht walten lassen, um eine Schwangerschaft zu verhindern. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Finger, Hände und andere Körperteile nicht versehentlich ejakulierte Samen- / Spermienabstriche in Kontakt mit dem Vaginalbereich tragen (auch nicht indirekt).

Sincerity, honesty, and secrecy are paramount. Equally important is total cleanness. This begins long before you get to the intimate spots. Every item of clothing and every spot on the body needs to be spotless and odorless. No one can ever be too clean. Insure that both heads of hair are clean and smell fresh. The teeth must be clean and the breath fresh. Finger nails need to be short and clean. Partners need to smell and taste delicious to the each other. Both must wash with soap; not just water. A douche is welcomed.

Try to know the human body. Men and women have different needs and respond differently. Kiss each other all over. Go slow and steady. Use feeling. Have an informal atmosphere and close connection. Always show respect, praise, gratitude, admiration and approval.

Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris can be irritating. Generally, women prefer slow receptive motion and firm pressure. Insure sufficient foreplay. Remember that the clitoris extends deep inside a woman’s body. Suck the clitoris while tonguing. Use your hands during oral sex… touch, touch, touch. Words are important. Naturally “I love you” is important… try a little dirty talk too.

Talk, go slow, shower together, sip some champagne during oral sex, use a bit of non-toxic, edible lubricant on each other before oral. Never totally dismiss the assistance of a gentle vibrator and there is a very wide selection to choose from.

Porn pictures or videos might be a plus if both feel comfortable with porn.

Both partners need to stimulate the five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste for each other. Try candle light and a sexy nightgown. Try incense, scented candles, cologne, and a nice shower with soap. Try caressing and massaging each other, using oils and creams. Try soft music. Try a candlelit meal; then enjoy food (like whip cream) in your love making.

In one survey about 40% of the readers rated oral sex as the sexual interest that they would most prefer to have from their partner. You can prepare your partner and self for oral sex by first watching a sex movie. Improve sex pleasure by using gel. Using an oral vibrator as foreplay with her clitoris and G spot in conjunction with the tongue will greatly increase her enjoyment.

You must love to do oral; it can’t just be a task. Foreplay is just plain smart… and fun. Insure adequate lubrication. Use a pillow. Never allow you sex to become routine in a certain position.

Practice to make your oral sex skill professional and satisfying.

Privacy is a necessity. Never allow interruptions form anyone. Unplug the phone and door bell.

Always experiment with each other. Surprises are the key to your enjoyment. Just always relax, let go and totally enjoy every minute of oral. Motions alone are not enough. Find a good position that is best for the feel. Try a variable. Know your partner’s special spots. Watch your partner’s expressions and sounds. Ask your partner to tell you his or her desires and preferences, so you can properly adjust your rhythm, pressure and speed.

Try to believe that oral sex is not to get a person ‘off’. It is about having fun with your partner and the genitals; giving pleasure to each other and bringing sensations that you might not get during sexual intercourse. Just have fun and enjoy oral sex to the fullest.

Oral is the time for ultimate satisfaction. Don’t be shy. Ask outright for what you want. Don’t assume anything. Just ask, “Do you want to go down on me?”

Frustration is painful; especially for a woman. Don’t hesitate to buy a book or video for you and your partner. If necessary come out and ask him to see a doctor or sex specialist, because you are worried that he may need vitamins etc.

Yes, oral sex is definitely the ultimate sex for pure sexual enjoyment.